All About Draft Beer - It is Different!

You could question the the need or desire to serve draft beer given all the equipment and maintenance required. In years past it was hard to justify the extra effort and equipment for anything except parties or large venues like stadiums. However, a lot of advancement has occurred in technology and brewers have responded by providing their best products for delivery via kegs. For them, it is easier to fill and ship beer in kegs than in bottles. There is less mess, less storage, and faster delivery.

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For you there are other important advantages to serving beer from a keg.

Among them are:

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Bottled beer is pasteurized for storage and longevity and despite the "born on date" trend, kegged beer is almost always fresher because it is not pasteurized* and is stored at cold temperatures throughout its life.

Bottled beer is kept in warehouses not coolers and as a result is subject to wide temperature variations. This alone can harm the beers flavor, not to mention the altered taste caused by the pasteurization process.

*Kegged imported beer is pasteurized to increase its shelf life, so the information about freshness and taste apply only to domestic draft beers and those from Canada and Mexico also.


Because keg beer is not pasteurized and is fresher than bottled beer it tastes better and is closer to the taste the brewer intended when the beer was brewed. Provided the draft service equipment is maintained and cleaned properly, draft beer will be better tasting than the same bottled or canned beer.


Dollar for dollar, keg beer is more economical at a per ounce price about 15% less than bottled or canned at retail pricing.


A keg is the ultimate "green" packaging for beer. Kegs are fully reused by brewers just as they are - no energy consumed in melting down and reforming as in recycled bottles and cans.

Once you have a kegerator at home, you automatically become a home bar owner. Whether its in your kitchen, living room, garage, deck or some other fun place - you're kegerator will be a popular gathering place.

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