A Kegerator - What is It?

A kegerator can generally be defined as a refrigerated appliance for storing and serving draft beer. There are a variety of options when it comes to these appliances. There are heavy duty commercial boxes for one or more full kegs as well as "store bought" options.

The "store bought" units are often found a large appliance stores and major retailers.

A converted, standard size refrigerator or freezer is also called a kegerator. To learn more about converting an existing appliance see:
Refrigerator Conversion
Freezer Conversion

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What You Need to Know

Most "store bought" units are factory converted mini-refrigerators that are modified to serve draft beer. They are not built for this purpose. Because of this they have several limitations. To learn more see:
The Top Five Problems

Commercial units, on the other hand are purpose built to serve draft beer and can be ordered in several configurations from a dealer. Because they are manufactured to store and serve draft beer, commercial units are the best choice, even for home use, if you have the choice.

Do You Already Own One?

If you already have a store bought unit, either new or used there are several things that you can do to upgrade and improve its performance to rival that of a commercial unit.

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Kegerator Reviews

Once you have a kegerator at home, you automatically become a home bar owner. Whether its in your kitchen, living room, garage, deck or some other fun place - you're kegerator will be a popular gathering place.

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