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There are many, many brands of kegerators. A quick look online at any major retailer will show two or three models. Most refrigerator manufacturers offer some version of a kegerator.

Since we can't test and review all of them we would like to rely on our visitors to describe their own kegerators for our review pages.

We will start it all of with a review of our own kegerator the Haier BrewMaster.

Below you will find a review form that you can complete and we will post the review provided it meets the following criteria:

1) Provide the brand and model

2) Identify the class of kegerator (commercial or residential) undercounter or freestanding; interior or exterior)

3) Where and when purchased and available price range.

4) Specifications of the kegerator. Please try to describe the refrigeration, pressure system, beer system and the interior and exterior of the unit (size, materials, features, etc.)

4) Problems and issues with the unit

5) Solutions you applied to the problems

6) Best and worst qualities of your unit

7) Recommendation (would you buy another)

You can use our review below as a guide, but please be brutally honest about your experience with your kegerator.

Haier BrewMaster

We are not in the business of selling kegerators though we may offer purchase links (and possible affiliate revenue) on some models.

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