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Keg Choices: The Styles and Sizes of Kegs

One of the great developments in draft beer over the last few years has been expansion of size choices and the reduction of keg sizes. In the past, there was the standard keg – a 1/2 barrel of beer containing 15 gallons. They are heavy and usually a big commitment in terms of price and volume to be of much use to a home user. Other then for a party, a standard 1/2 barrel is not usually the best option for your use at home.

Now most domestic beers from the major brewers come in sizes less than 1/2 barrel kegs. You can get most of the major brands in 1/4 kegs that are 7 3/4 gallons. The 1/4 kegs are easy to handle, load into your car at the store and carry down the basement stairs to your home bar. This is especially true of the “Slim” 1/4 kegs that are the height of a standard keg, but only 11 inches in diameter making them very easy to carry and move over the standard diameter of 17 inches.

The keg variety gets even better with the latest addition to the keg family – the 1/6 barrel or “Sixtel.” These are 5 1/4 gallons of beer in a keg that is only 9 1/4 inches in diameter. Very easy to carry and in fact you can store two or three of these in an average refrigerator. Most craft beer now comes in the 1/6 barrel size so your locally brewed favorites as well as national brands such a Samuel Adams can easily be brought into your home.

With these smaller kegs available you can have the best beers available without waste and without breaking your back or your bank account. Unfortunately, the overseas imports haven’t caught on yet to this trend, but it may not be long now before they do.

Here’s what is available to you in keg choices:

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