Draft Beer Parts - Beer Line Connections

Hooking the beer line up from the keg coupler to the faucet requires a few small draft beer parts that hold it all together without leaks.

The hex nut or coupling nut is always associated with a washer and a "tailpiece." When assembled together and attached to the beer line with a clamp, the keg end of your draft system is complete.

The coupling nut is made to screw down on the top of the keg coupler either with the use of a small wrench or by hand when the nut is of the wing nut style. The nut should never be mounted on the coupler without the washer in place. The washer is there to prevent beer from escaping out of the connection. Don't waste beer - make sure the washer is in place when assembling these parts.

The tailpiece is a small, barbed fitting that ties the coupling nut to the beer hose. On one end the tailpiece has a flange that the coupling nut rides over, while the barbed end of the fitting protrudes out the back of the coupling nut providing a place to attach the beer hose and clamp.

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